La Monnaie De Munt – Brussels Opera


 La Monnaie De Munt - Brussels Opera

La Monnaie De Munt – Brussels Opera

The Special about the La Monnaie De Munt – Brussels Opera:

 Le Monnaie – it means Royal Theatre of the Mint. As Belgium’s leading opera house it is one of the few cultural institutions which receive financial support from the federal government of Belgium. Opera house is world famous for the quality of its performances and interior decorations.

 Why to Visit La Monnaie De Munt – Brussels Opera:

 Housing a multi-storey balcony and curtained theatre, this traditional opera house was re-built three times by different rulers of Brussels. The roof is much higher than it used to be. Large dance studios are now under this new roof. The famous dancer/choreographer Maurice Béjart worked in this theatre for many of the great opera houses of a European capital city.

La Monnaie De Munt -Brussels Opera Concerts

Concerts are organised all year around for students to practice their performances in front of live audiences. It also hosts ballet and dance performances. It now plays about one to two operas per month in its grand chambers. Other performances include theatre, recitals, dance and concerts. Forthcoming performances can be found at .Listings are available in detail in the Bulletin magazine and also on their website

 La Monnaie De Munt – Brussels Opera  Tour

 Tours of the opera house are also available for visitors who are interested in the architecture of this old building. Guided tours are available by appointment but open guided tours are scheduled every Saturday from 12pm without booking.  Tickets can be purchased at the bookshop one hour before the tour begins.

 Travel Guide to La Monnaie De Munt – Brussels Opera in Brussels:

La Monnaie is located at Place de la Monnaie, directly behind an old shopping mall, the Munt Centrum, off Rue du Fosse aux Loups. It is north of the Grand Place and south of the shopping street called Rue Neuve

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